Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And lets not forget the heels!

I absolutely love these...

And these..
T Strap heels $19.99 (also from cutesygirl)

Chic Flats under $20..

As we all know summer is around the corner, so i wanted to share with everyone a wonderful website where I buy my shoes from sometimes. It's http://www.cutesygirl.com/ , and I recommend everyone check it out. Right now they a big selection of cute flats at prices that won't brake the bank! Here are some that I love..

Boho chic flats $17.99

Thong Strappy Flats $14.99

White Gladiator Style $16.99

Stud Accent Detailing $17.99

Slip on Thong Design $18.99

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lower Priced Designer Lines...

These days of economic hardships everyone is trying to save money. Therefor some high-end designers have teamed up with stores like Target and H&M to sell lower priced pieces. This is really cool because some people like myself would never be able to afford a piece by such designers like Alexander McQueen, but now that he has teamed up with Target I can! I just checked Target.com and the collection is pretty cool..it includes a leather vest, leggings, sweaters, skinny jeans, tattoo print tees and dresses. Oh and some pieces are on sale at Target.com...
Alexander McQueen white shirt dress only $9.98 on Target.com

Alexander McQueen one-shoulder dress $12.48 on Target.com
Boho Chic designer Tracy Feith has also teamed up with Target. His floral prints are very nice..very sixties..And the collection includes a maxi dress ( which I didn't really like) ,a black leather biker jacket (which I loved), floral dresses and blouses, and some mod looking pieces.

Tracy Feith maxi dress $44.99

Tracy Feith leather Jacket $139.99 and dress $40

Now my favorite lower priced collection: Matthew Williamson for H&M. This collection hit select stores on April 23, 2009. And it's a combination of Williamson's previous collections. It includes a peacock dress, a pretty sequined dress, and bold bright colorful pieces..like a yellow silk tunic for only $69.00. So fun for summer!!

Matthew Williamson Silk Tunic $69
Matthew Williamson sequined dress $249